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Hi—i’m brent

Over twenty years ago, New Orleans became my home, and today, I am more enthralled with the culture, music, food, and people as ever, and I love capturing the magical NOLA spirit through my photography. Being the youngest of seven children shaped me into an easy-going adult, who not only goes with the flow but can stay focused in a crowd. Shy of the spotlight myself, I’ve always enjoyed bringing out the best in others and making them shine. After a double-decade career in the service industry, I enjoy working with a diversity of people and know how to read a room to capture those candid decisive moments that tell a deeper story. Whether you considered yourself an introvert or love the camera, I bring out the best in everyone, capturing that thing, that essence, that makes you so you. And even if your kids don’t exactly sit for that family portrait, the photographs will make you look like Instagramable parents. I’ve been lucky to share the last eighteen years of my life with my partner Adam, who also assists me with some of my shoots. I look forward to helping you create memories that will last generations. Let’s visit!   – Brent