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Hi—i’m brent

I am a New Orleans based photographer who has lived in this city most of my life after moving here almost 20 years ago.  I come from a large nomadic family who, when growing up, seemed to move every year or so.  New Orleans is unlike any other city with its powerful raw beauty and diversity on almost every level.  It is the one place I have lived the longest and I definitely call home. I have always been influenced by New Orleans culture, film, music, art, people and of course photography. I consider myself a street photographer and my passion is candid portraits.  However, I am adaptable to almost any situation and able to capture individuality where others see normalcy.  I excel in event photography, weddings, live music, family portraits, and the occasional landscape photo. I love capturing beauty and realism with street photography, and also capturing beauty in people, their stories and their souls. I value working close with the client to exceed expectations and to also incorporate my own personal style. In my off time I like to frequent live music shows, watch independent films and spend time with my long-time boyfriend and our sweet hound. I do believe that photography is my calling. It drives me to continue learning and become better at my craft.